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Happy 2004!
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QuickQuote: We should build an Intel processor out of penguins.
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If you want more pics, check out
The TReKPiCS directory.

Pics of me, of geek toys, of coins.

...of me

    Tails and Me. I think Tails is trying to get away from the camera =)

    Jon smiling. Not sure why =)

    One tired guy, and thankfully went to bed right after =)

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...of geeks toys

    The infamous LanCity cable modem

    My Millennium QuickChange card!

    My rio. Check out the insides of this device and what's currently on it by checking out my rio page

    My StarTAC phone. Laptop nearby.

    StarTAC phone waiting for a call...

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...of coins

    The Canadian Loony ($1 coin) above, American penny below

    The Canadian Twoony ($2 coin)

    Canadian Twoony (left) compared to Canadian Loony (right)

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2020 Jonathan Kay. Thank you for flying