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Happy 2004!
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QuickQuote: Things get worse under pressure.
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Wondering exactly how my emoticons work? Well you've come to the right place!

=) - Basic smiley, basic happiness. Equivalent to :)
+) - Basic smiley, extra happiness. Equivalent to ;)
=P - Basic smiley with tongue, complete happiness. Equivalent to :P
+P - Enhanced smiley with tongue, highest form of happiness. Very rare.
=0 - Typo, should be =). Occurs when shift key is not held long enough

As well, placement of the smiley to the word determines the happiness factor. For example,
'hi there =)' is a basic happiness. But,
'hi there=)' is a basic double happiness.
'hi there+P' would be a complete double happiness.

The closer the smiley is to the word, the more the happiness factor doubles.

2019 Jonathan Kay. Thank you for flying