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Happy 2004!
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"And she don't care that I could fly her, to places she ain't never been, if she really wants to go, deep down she knows all she has to do is say is when" What/Who is this? line graphic
QuickQuote: "This 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us." -- Western Union internal memo, 1876
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Previous/Current #ie4/#ie5 member
Previous/Current #bbs member
Previous BBS local Kitchener user
Met through other means
Name Nickname(s)
Jesse Belanger wattsgeek
Marty Capogna dojon
Ryan Demski Number Four, WizKidRyan
Dave Denmark  
David Fagan DaveF, Dave_F
Taylor Gerring WhySanity, Wonder
Matthew Gore Choco
Corey Gouker theceg
Dennis Gregory Dennis, +Giga$_Lugian*, Windows98
Mark Grimes flipp
Justin Harrison +Ästyrrianº, Cerfance Justison, ShadowJ
Ian Hughey Scorched
Brandon King Shadow
Mark Kitzman  
Matt Klosterman thekman
Dev Mathur doomgaze
Kyle Mulligan FLaRe, ShADoWFLaRe
Ryan Pinney ryujiikata, Marill
Mark Salloway  
Joel Smith j0el
Ray Soucy rms, Thank the Monkey, RpSoucy
Jensen Vance onewin, winopen
Lawrence Widdifield  lawren
Dave Worthington sTp_2
Name Nickname(s)
Mary Jenkins Tekuni, PhilterTek
Sonya Lamb  
All proudly Canadian!
Name Relation
Ethel Kay Aunt
Frank Kay Uncle
John Kay Father
Kali Kay Sister
Kathy Kay 1st cousin
Laura Kay 1st cousin
Ruth Kay Mother

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