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IE6 News
IE won the browser war because Navigator sucks (The Register - 02 - 27 - 2001)
By the District Court's (that's Judge Jackson's) own admission, Netscape distributed 160 million copies of Netscape Navigator in 1998, thereby saturating a marketplace of only 100 million Internet users, Microsoft appeals lawyer Richard Urowsky claimed during arguments before the appellate bench in Washington Monday.

Software sites give sneak peek of IE 6 (C|Net - 01- 29 - 2001)
Microsoft is investigating a leak of its upcoming Internet Explorer 6 browser, which renegade software sites have posted to the Web.

News: Top secret! New MS Whistler (ZDNet - 01- 24 - 2001)
(near bottom) Sources said Microsoft had contemplated not releasing IE 6.0 as a stand-alone product and only making it available as part of Whistler. But now it sounds as if Microsoft has reconsidered that plan and will make IE 6.0 available as both a stand-alone download and part of some, if not all, Whistler versions.

Microsoft debates future of IE6 (ZDNet - 01-11-2001)
"Where do you want to go today?" may be a Microsoft catch phrase--but the company seems unsure about where it wants to go with Internet Explorer.

New test version of Whistler arrives (C|Net News - 01- 08 - 2001)
With all the hoopla over the release of the Linux 2.4.0 kernel last week, Microsoft's delivery of a new test version of its Windows 2000 successor, code-named Whistler, got lost in the shuffle.
Public Beta Available!

The IE6 Public beta is now available (Build 2462). You can DOWNLOAD IT NOW. The preview is able to install on Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me), Microsoft Windows NT Workstation (SP6a or later), and Microsoft Windows 2000. Some new features of the browser will be: Explorer Bars, Support for Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) Standards, Virus Protection in e-mail, and other advanced features.

Welcome to the third iteration of the Channel IE.  #IE6 is an IRC channel on EFNet devoted to the exploration, aid, and knowledge of Microsoft Internet Explorer.  We have existed since 1996, and a great deal of people have visited and stayed in our channel.  Please see our  people for more info.

Thanks for supporting #IE6 and enjoy your stay!

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