Tails standing on plateau
Tails is standing on a tree stump with a city behind him
9/19/2003 - 1916 views
Comments (8)
From: bob  Date:11/29/2003
this is probably the best pose i've seen tails in on this site.

From: mackenzie  Date:1/9/2004
i love tails and this is the best pic i have ever seen of him.....thanks

From: Jackie  Date:4/27/2004
Aww kewl, its so cute!! XD *clinghugglepic* Tails is soo sweeet =3

From: Jamie Andrews  Date:5/4/2004
That is the most best ever drawing of Tails i've ever seen good on ya mate

From: Roshine  Date:7/3/2005
That is so cute!!! ^o^

From: miles  Date:3/14/2006

From: Mary  Date:6/23/2006
My Tails. You are so cute. I love you...;-)

From: ringo  Date:2/22/2007
AAW! Kawaii! Its sooo cuuuute! ><

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