Tails the champion
Tails is the champion once again
9/19/2003 - 1310 views
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From: Triforce  Date:4/29/2004
ha ha sonic! beat that!

From: Miles Prower  Date:8/6/2004
Picture takken from a Pico game. Sonic's GameWorld

From: Hypo Prower  Date:4/9/2005
Sonic looks like a crap head now.

From: Flame  Date:7/13/2005
thats metalsonic

From: sabrina  Date:8/27/2005
OHH why must the good die young

From: Wizzles  Date:9/17/2005
He He, Eggman lost again :oP

From: Triforce  Date:9/19/2005
I KNOW it's metal sonic. Sonic still looks like a idiot though. Oh yeah, he always has.

From: Caleb Shipman  Date:2/24/2006
actually thats from Sonic Drift 2 for Game Gear

From: miles tails man  Date:8/1/2008
tails is the winner!! HOORAY!!!!!!! why is eggman's head on fire?! is it because he's pissed of that the flying furball won?

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