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Tails & Sonic Pop cans
Sega Sonic pop cans
9/19/2003 - 1357 views
Comments (5)
From: Duchis  Date:10/12/2004
I want a soda can. :'(

From: Joe  Date:11/18/2004
man that brings back memorys i remember I drank the first time and it tasted like mango and dare i say it a hint of crap?

From: Jacob  Date:3/22/2005
Notice how it says SegaSonic remind you of some thing? Like *giggles* the old sega arcade game

From: miles  Date:3/14/2006
i want 1 :(

From: tails45  Date:12/30/2006
awww hes about to fall ill save you! you are so cute

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