Baby Tails waving
Baby Tails is waving to his fans while sitting on a life preserver
9/19/2003 - 4367 views
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From: Jacob  Date:11/24/2004
Aww tails is so cute in this pic

From: tails no.1 fan  Date:11/25/2004
awww soooo cute

From: Hypo Prower  Date:4/9/2005
Where's his diaper? He's probably gonna pee all over his innertube.

From: Caleb Shipman  Date:2/24/2006
tails should have a baby brother named blade

From: Caleb Shipman  Date:2/24/2006
iactually i have a classic tails (Blade Prowler) give me your E-Mail and I'll send u a picture of him

From: SEGA INC.  Date:2/27/2006
work of genius(aka me) WHERE DID YOU GET MY PIC!!!!

From: Pichu  Date:4/13/2006
Aww! CUTE!!!!!

From: person  Date:1/18/2007
to the comment above this one. tails does not need a daiper retard

From: Kao kangaroo 10  Date:6/21/2007
Awwwwwwww, he's sooooo CUTE!!!!!

From: super tails fan  Date:6/8/2008
person i love your comment. that is funny! You're right 12 year old foxes don't need diapers!!!!

From: sonicsuzy  Date:5/30/2009
He is soooo cute!!!!

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